Welcome to CARFAX Europe

CARFAX is the most trusted provider of Vehicle History Reports in the World – and the only legal source of authentic CARFAX Vehicle History Reports within Europe.


Our Vision

We change the used car market for the better.


Our Mission

To help people buying and selling used cars with more confidence by providing neutral, consolidated, easy to access information on a used car’s history.


Sourcing 20+ billion records from 100.000+  data sources in Europe, North America and Canada has made CARFAX the trusted European partner for Vehicle History Reporting in the private and public sectors.

The CARFAX Vehicle History Report is used across Europe, offering invaluable information for many European cars – as well as all North American. and Canadian imports manufactured after 1981.

Operating for over 30 years in North America and 10 years in Europe, we are represented in Germany, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands and Slovenia (and constantly growing).

During this time, CARFAX Europe has been able to assist millions of used car buyers and B2B customers make better purchasing, servicing and business decisions while avoiding costly hidden problems!

No-one should buy or touch a used car without first checking its history – with a CARFAX Vehicle History Report!


The History of CARFAX Europe

In 2007 CARFAX Europe was founded following the success of CARFAX Inc. in North America where it has been empowering consumers and business alike to make better used car decisions since 1984.

At that time, European consumers and businesses had little support to assist them in used car decision making other than the hope that there were no hidden problems.

Our founders knew there was a better way!

Since then, we’ve been growing exponentially to become the most comprehensive Vehicle History database available today in Europe and the North Americas with tens of thousands of dealers subscribed and more than 100.000 data sources.

Our services have quickly expanded into other European countries including Sweden, Spain, Netherlands and Slovenia to offer more detailed country-specific history information.

We never rest on our laurels however and continue to expand our data capabilities and services throughout Europe, tirelessly developing state-of-the-art solutions and online services to support the European community.

The following is a brief snapshot of CARFAX Europe’s milestones to date…and it’ just the beginning!


CARFAX Europe Milestones


  • CARFAX partners with autotrack.nl, offering services to build credibility and sales for dealers in the Netherlands.


  • CARFAX expands into the Netherlands – country specific carfax.nl consumer website  launched.


  • CARFAX offers its services in 17 European languages.


  • Reached the milestone of 1 billion European historical records.
  • Launched the first “Dealer Advantage Program” in Sweden and Spain.


  • Reached 100 million European VIN´s in our European database.


  • Expansion to Spain and Slovenia with country specific CARFAX Vehicle History Reports, containing millions of vehicle history information.
  • Two country-specific websites are launched: carfax.es and carfax.si.


  • Launch of our first full European product!
  • Expansion into Sweden to protect Sweden’s used car buyers from fraud –  and many service providers by providing a country specific CARFAX Vehicle History Report with local history information.
  • Launch of country dedicated website carfax.se.


  • CARFAX enters Europe by launching its first European website carfax.eu; in the process migrating North American used car history from our interim website usimportcheck.com.
  • CARFAX starts expansion in Europe with CARFAX U.S. Import site, usimportcheck.com.


  • April 30th: CARFAX Europe legally founded in Munich, Germany.
  • August 1st: European operations commence with two empty laptops in a 9 sqm office in the heart of Munich.