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The CARFAX Tech Stack

Our Tech Stack


As a member of the technical team of CARFAX Europe you will be a part of an agile, cross-functional team that is responsible for the full lifecycle and operation of its product(s). You will develop tools and services for both our internal and external customers. We are establishing and improving sustainable practices such as Test-Driven Development, Object-Oriented Design.  You will strengthen your team by providing feedback and guidance in order to better achieve your goals together.

As a member of the Data Services” team you will be responsible for CARFAX Europe’s inbound data process.  We take in data from a multitude of sources in different formats and standardize it for use by our various products.  You will be part of a team consisting of both software developers and data analysts.  This is a challenging line of work focused on enabling our data analysts to understand and integrate our inbound data independently from software development.  We don’t want you writing all the transformations, but instead provide the infrastructure and tools so that data can be processed in a predictable and highly scalable manner.  You will have a direct impact not just on our existing data processing system, but on the long-term vision of modernizing the CARFAX Europe data processing platform.

Our “Internal Applications” team constantly develops and enhances existing applications, supporting various business units (like Customer Support, Marketing, Sales & Business Development) in their daily work life.


We have many great opportunities ahead of us, which is why we are looking to grow our team of dedicated specialists!

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