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Every used car has two buyers

You and your customer

Build buyer confidence with CARFAX



Win Online Trust

The CARFAX Report will add additional content to your online ads. Show that you're transparent.

Attract More Buyers

More credible information about the car differentiates your ads and increases the number of leads.

Generate Faster Sales

More leads and visits increase your conversion opportunities and deliver faster sales.

Connect your online ads with a free CARFAX Report

Dealers who offer a free CARFAX Report with their online ads experience 5 days faster stock turnover and 3.5x more leads than dealers who don’t.

Consumers spend 62% longer on online ads due to the additional content.

The result – 40% more call-backs.

CARFAX Builds Consumer Confidence.

Confident Consumers Buy Cars.

CARFAX Helps You Sell Cars.

Buy cars you can sell – fast

Know more about the history of a vehicle before you buy so there’s less likelihood of unwelcome surprises once the vehicles are on your showroom floor.

Whether at auction, dealing directly with a wholesaler or taking a car in trade, the CARFAX Vehicle History Report gives you more information at your fingertips for decision making.

Use the biggest cross-border used car history database to check cars with over 20 billion records from 100.000+ data sources in 20+ countries in Europe, the U.S. and Canada.

Plus, with vehicle history on your side, you can buy at a price that helps you attract the right customers and make a quick sale.

Attract ready-to-buy online consumers

Connect your online listings with a free CARFAX Report and reach millions of ready-to-buy online consumers.

Dealers who offer a free CARFAX Report with their online ad’s experience:

  • 62% longer consumer engagement
  • 3.5x more leads
  • 40% more callbacks
  • 5 days faster stock turnover

Deliver a better shopping experience by providing transparency and content which gives consumers more reason to click on your ads and contact you, matching buyers to the cars they want.

Use CARFAX to sell faster

Remove the biggest barrier to a used car sale – doubt.

Take advantage of our respected brand and the trust the CARFAX Vehicle History Report provides. CARFAX helps you close the deal faster by answering the question that keeps consumers from becoming buyers: “Was it well-maintained?”, “Is the mileage real?”, “Was it used as a taxi?”.

Provide consumers with information from a trusted third-party.

Closing the sale is easier when consumers trust the information they’re seeing. 80% of in-market used car shoppers know and trust CARFAX.

36.000+ dealers trust CARFAX

“CARFAX helps us demonstrate our professionalism.”

Máximo, Artal Ocasión

“CARFAX helps us to provide our customers with trust and transparency and also helps us demonstrate the quality of the vehicles we offer.”

David, Automòbils Prat

“What we sell is transparency. With CARFAX, our customers are able to check the current status of our vehicles as well as their previous usage every time they click on a free CARFAX report.”

Victor, Automóviles 3Darc

“We feel better using CARFAX every day to provide relevant information regarding the cars we sell. 

We often hear from our customers that the CARFAX service we offer plays a very important part in their decision making during the buying process.”

 Niklas, Carson Sverige AB