How do I see Vehicle History Reports that I have obtained already?

  1. If you are CARFAX Business Account Holder, please log into the CARFAX Business Portal and go to the tab ‘Vehicle History Reports’
  2. Select ‘Detailed Report Pulls’
  3. Select the Report you are interested in reviewing.

Optional: Within this area you are also able to select the timeframe you are interested in reviewing (I.e. the date you believe the report was created)

Tip: You can also select the timeframe of interest and use the export functionality to download an excel file of all searches you have created for the selected time period.


I am trying to change my CARFAX Business Portal password but didn’t receive an email?

If you didn’t receive the password reset email, then please check your spam/junk mail folder(s) to see if it has been deposited there.

If the email is not in your spam/junk mail folder, please check if you have entered the correct email address for your account.

The primary email address will, by default, be the email address that is shown in your contact information details of your business account.

As an alternative, should you require further assistance, please email

Once you have lodged your support request you can track your inquiry by checking the corresponding case in the ‘Support Requests’ section within the CARFAX Business Portal.


I have entered a VIN number and generated a report, however I cannot see it anywhere?

Please be aware when you enter a VIN number, the Vehicle History Report will open in another tab.

Tip: in case the report doesn’t open in another tab or fails to appear in another window, please check your pop-up blocker and select ’allow’ to open the report.


The information given in the CARFAX Vehicle History Report is incorrect. How can I make a request to change it?

CARFAX compiles information from thousands of different data sources. As extensive as our database is, CARFAX strongly relies on the accuracy of the raw data provided to us by our external partners.

While we maintain strict data quality checks, the manual entry of data at the source can on rare occasions create errors which are difficult to exclude.

In such cases please identify where you believe the error has occurred and CARFAX will then run an internal review to assess the legitimacy of your claim.

To request a review of a Vehicle History Report, please send the following information to

  • The Vehicles VIN number
  • Please specify which information you believe requires review.
  • To validate your request, please attach an official document as proof of incorrect data entry.
  • Please also briefly advise what change within the data you would like to see should our investigation agree with your assumption?

Email or from within the CARFAX Business Portal, click on your Profile button and select ‘Contact Support’ to send us your review request.

Once the claim has been lodged, please allow 2 working days to enable us to provide a response.


Other than Vehicle History Reports what else does CARFAX provide to assist my business?

CARFAX has spent a lot of time and effort developing innovative and informative thought leadership topics relevant for your industry and daily business operations.

These include Acquisition, Marketing, Sales and Training Tips and Techniques which are distributed on a regular basis to our Business Account Holders.


What is the response time of CARFAX Customer Support?

CARFAX strives to provide a quality customer experience offering service & support in most European languages.

As our customer base is constantly growing, please allow 2 working days for a response to support requests.


How can I change my CARFAX Business Portal log in password?

In case you would like to change your CARFAX Business Portal password, please go to the ‘My Account’ section within the CARFAX Business Portal (dropdown menu besides the search bar on the top right of your screen) and then select ‘Change Password’.

After changing your password, you will receive an email notification to your nominated email address.

In the rare instance where you are unable to find a reset request email from CARFAX  after requesting a password reset, please check your spam/junk mail folder(s) in case it has been redirected there. 


How can I contact customer support?

In case you have any questions, suggestions or wish to provide feedback about our services, please contact CARFAX Customer Support via or if you are a Business Account Holder you can contact us within the CARFAX  Business Portal by clicking on your profile name and then click ‘Contact Support’.


How can I change my contact information?

 In case you would like to change your contact information within the CARFAX Business Portal, please click on your profile (upper right of screen) and then click on ‘My Account’.

Within ‘My Account’ you will then be able to update your contact information.

Once you have lodged your enquiry you will then be able to follow its progress by checking the corresponding case number given to you when logging your request in the ‘Support Requests’ tab within the CARFAX Business Portal.


How can I change the recipient of an invoice?

Business account customer Invoices are sent to the nominated financial contact with your company.

Any changes to these financial contacts can only be made by the current financial contact, or the primary contact, of your account. If you wish to change the recipient to someone else within your organisation, please email