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Vehicle history affects road safety

We help uncover it

Detect unsafe cars with CARFAX

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Detect Unsafe Cars

History can indicate what condition a car may be in. Use CARFAX to uncover potential problems before approving a car for road use.

Improve Processes

Support safety and compliance using our automated CARFAX Risk Alert Service to speed up processes and support inspections.

Reduce Fraud

Uncover fraudulent activities using the biggest cross-border used car history provider with direct access to over 20 billion records.

Cross-Border Information

An experienced inspector can quickly assess a vehicle for visible signs of a vehicle’s condition however what about the unseen factors which affect the safety of a vehicle such as if a car’s been submerged in a flood or been involved in a major accident, especially if it’s an imported car.

This is where CARFAX can help, providing your inspectors with instant access to the largest cross-border used car information database in Europe, the U.S., and Canada.

The CARFAX Risk Alert Service

Provide inspection staff with the relevant information they need to make a thorough assessment of a vehicle’s condition before they allow it back on public roads.

Let CARFAX assist you in fraud prevention using the CARFAX Risk Alert Service which includes alerts for mileage inconsistencies. stolen records, flood damage, salvage titles, European insights plus much more.

Connect directly to our database to:

  • Access over 20 billion used car records
  • from 100.000+ data sources
  • and cross-border used vehicle data from 20+ countries in Europe, the U.S., and Canada

Incorporate the CARFAX Risk Alert Service into existing inspection processes to check each car for unseen historical events that indicate the car has had a negative past and requires to be more closely inspected.

The full CARFAX Report

A visual inspection of a car can reveal a lot about its condition but what about those areas which are more difficult to see such as if a car has had its mileage rolled back, was a complete write-off or submerged in flood water, especially if the car comes from another country?

This is where the CARFAX Vehicle History Report can help by providing the history of a vehicle in a simple, easy to understand format with alerts displayed prominently at the top and more in-depth information, if available in the subsequent ‘details’ section.

For greater convenience, apply for a CARFAX business account and receive unlimited access to reports anytime you need them by simply entering a VIN or licence plate.

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