CARFAX Solutions for Used Car Listings

Drive lead generation

Create a better user experience

Generate experiences that convert

Create transparency

CARFAX builds consumer confidence online by providing more relevant information about a used car.

Boost engagement

Offering relevant content such as the CARFAX Vehicle History Report enhanced content and engagement encouraging consumers to spend more time on listings, creating more opportunities for sellers.

Increase leads

Transparency leads to longer engagement with the ad which creates a 3.5x-5x higher probability that the user will contact the seller.

CARFAX Builds Consumer Confidence.

Confident Consumers Buy Cars.

Build confidence through transparency

Doubt is a major barrier to buying and selling used cars. Questions such as ‘Is the mileage correct, was it stolen, what potential problems may be hidden under the surface?’ are just some of the many concerns consumers think about during their search.

Offering the CARFAX Vehicle History Report with the online ad overcomes this problem by showing that the seller wants to be transparent with consumers, building trust between each party and creating more confidence in what’s being presented. And confident consumers buy cars.

Improve users experiences

Used car buyers are more demanding and well informed than ever before, actively seeking out information to make a more informed decision.

Offering the CARFAX Vehicle History Report within online listings provides more content relevant to a consumer search resulting in 62% more time on average being spent on listings that have a report.

Create more leads for sellers

Used car online listings generated up to 40% more requests for call-backs and achieved 3.5-5x times higher lead conversions for dealer customers who connected a free CARFAX Report with their online ads compared to those that didn’t.

Displaying the CARFAX Report online creates more trust and confidence, encouraging buyers to make contact, resulting in more leads and opportunities to sell, and in the case of dealers, supports faster stock turnover.

Protect customers and your brand

Cars reported as stolen, with a salvage title, flood cars or other severe risks reported to CARFAX could be automatically blocked from being uploaded to your portal.

Add the CARFAX Risk Alert Service to your listing process to reduce the chance of problem cars appearing on your listings.

Actively communicate this with consumers to promote that your service offers less risk and more transparency.

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