Source: www.daserste.de / 2017-07-19

Used US Range Rover before (left) and after repairs (right), prior to being offered for sale in Europe.

Prestige TV magazine ‘Plusminus’ (ARD) has aired a documentary (19.07.2018) about fraudulent US used car imports being sold in Germany.

‘Plusminus’ asked CARFAX to assist them in their investigations by placing them in contact with German victims who contacted us after realising they’d been deceived.

Nearly 900,000 US used imports have arrived in Germany, with 1-in-4 having a record of major accident damage resulting in their removal from North American traffic.

These used US imports are bought as cheap wrecks, shipped to European countries like Lithuania then cosmetically repaired (often using stolen parts) and resold as ‘quality’ used cars to an unsuspecting European community.

See the full report here (in German)

While this report focuses mainly on Germany, many of the same poorly repaired cars are finding their way into other European markets and CARFAX is doing its utmost to fight these fraudulent practices which are risking lives and costing pan-European communities and businesses huge amounts of time, effort and money to resolve.

A recent analysis (July, 2017) confirmed the main countries at risk including:

  • Germany
  • Lithuania
  • Finland
  • Belgium

There’s also an alarming rise of these cars accessing other European markets through Georgia, which is quickly developing into another version of Lithuania, where >80% of all vehicles imported are believed unfit for use.

CARFAX recommends you should always check a used American import with the CARFAX Vehicle History Report before you buy to make a more informed decision about the vehicle you are considering!

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